Something about me...

I'm Pedro Carriço and I'm a Software Engineer working with all things ruby and I'm passionate about Agile Software Development and eager to learn new things.

At an early stage in my carreer I was fortunate enough to work in an environment that promoted a culture of constant learning and I was able to really enjoy what I do.

I enjoy working in an environment that promotes SCRUM and Test Driven Development.

I've done a little bit of everything ranging from sysadmin to DBA, from PL/SQL business logic on the database tier to J2EE or even application integration using REST webservices and queueing technologies with RabbitMQ.

Nowadays I can be found programming in Ruby on Rails and meddling with javascript or css.

See you around...

* This site was made with html5 boilerplate and inspired by Naz Hamid's The Personal Page.